Hello. Welcome to our website!

Our website became new. And we have also english website now.
Please check our website!

*Becoming a Membership
Registration for our membership is integrated into a single process to allow you to place orders as well as to access exclusive site content with a single login. As a member, you can also receive our newsletters and member benefits, including members-only special discounts.  In order to become a member, please go to the “Login” link above. You may complete your registration when placing an order as well.

*Shopping Cart
Items will remain in your shopping cart until you remove them from your shopping cart or the end of your shopping session.

*Order Record
You may also check your previous orders from “My Page”.

*Updating Account
You can update your account information at any time.

*”TELL A FRIEND” button
You can tell your friend about the certain item by clicking “TELL A FRIEND” below on the right.

Every time you shop at our store, you get Points 1% of the total rate(ex. 1 point for 100 Yen without tax). Some items have 5% and 10% Points, we let you know on each item information.

You may check an item, and come back later to purchase it. With this function, You can also make your own “Wishlist” to show your friends and family what you want. That way, your friends or family can send you a present. You can see your friends’ wishlist by entering his or her e-mail address and clicking “Search”. You can always update your wishlist on the wishlist window.

You can twitter by clicking “Tweet This” link on the item information.

You can put up your reviews on our items. Please let everyone know what you feel about them.

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